In Your Head

“Spicy and savory flavors are coming soon to Seattle with the launch of Addition – a range of outstanding cocktail infusions developed by two local beverage enthusiasts. Bartenders: please take note…. The approach to customization is a genius one – as the raw materials are currently unavailable in the marketplace. And there are no issues with dilution rates or consistency because the products are all liquid based. Simply add as much or as little as you like because, you’re in control.”

Seattle magazine

“even the best recipes can benefit from some spicy stirring up. Enter… Addition (, to add what some cocktail lovers have been subconsciously longing for: a savory kick… So, you can, at last, add Thai green chili and tarragon to a whiskey ginger—trust us, it’s a bizarrely good pairing. We also like the rosemary and cardamom twist on the classic G&T, and the mere suggestion of curry with a peaty scotch got our taste buds salivating.”